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Review: See You Yesterday

(Writer: Doug Quimby) See You Yesterday is a movie about two teenagers, Claudette ‘CJ’ Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian Thomas (Dante Crichlow), and their journey of creating a time machine. What sets this time travel movie apart from the others is that follows two african american teenagers and a real struggle that their community is facing, police brutality. After some events,

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SoundCloud: A New Scene for Scene Kids

(Writer: Deanna Bushey) In the age of a constantly growing and changing internet culture, trends often come and go. Other times, they fall into other parts of the internet where they continue to exist long after other people have forgotten about them. Many people remember that in the early 2000’s social media was heavily influenced by scene/emo culture. Think: teased

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The Obama’s Announce Several TV Shows And Movies Heading To Netflix

(Writer: Doug Quimby) The Obama’s have announced that they will be bringing several movie and TV series to the streaming service Netflix. The Obama’s, along with their production company Higher Ground, will be releasing three movies and four TV series, with one of the shows being made for preschool aged kids. This announcement of the new content is a result

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Kid Cudi Teams With Popeyes and Postmates To Give Food To The Homeless

(Writer: Doug Quimby) Over the past weekend, well-known rapper Kid Cudi gave away $10,000 worth of food from Popeyes to the homeless community of Southern California. During his second weekend performing at Coachella, Kid Cudi teamed up with Popeyes and Postmates to deliver the food to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Indio, California. It’s great when

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Will Cannabis Still Be Labeled A Gateway Drug If It Becomes Federally Legal?

(Writer: Doug Quimby) In recent years, marijuana has slowly been becoming legalized in certain states across the country. 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical use and 10 have legalized recreational use of the drug, with various regulations and restrictions. As weed grows in popularity we are finally able to accurately research its effects. It is coming to light that

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