Album Review: ‘Club Wavy’ By Wavy Cunningham

Album Review: ‘Club Wavy’ By Wavy Cunningham

Wavy Cunningham has released his newest album titled Club Wavy. Wavy teamed up with producers N-Pro, Hyuka, Mostlyeverything, Frank Finesse, and Phil Dreisin for newest full length project. The album starts with the song “I’m Good”, showing that Wavy’s rapping ability are only getting better. Starting with a catchy hook and switching his flows seamlessly from fast to slow melodies, it’s a great intro to the album. Next song is “Laid Out On Fox” that has more of a slower classic hip hop sound with Wavy’s modern lyrics on top.

Club Wavy flows through different vibes and genres, from club beats to R&B flows to a trap type beat that all can stand out as singles. Wavy puts his all out there by getting personal on songs like “Whattup?”, “Get Out”, and “Same Thing”, then turns up the heat on songs like “Crown Me”, “Who Are You?”, “Still Wavy”, and “Last Minute”. The final song, “All We Need Is Love”, Wavy raps about his feelings towards the Black Lives Matter movement and the racial tensions in America. Wavy Cunningham has put together another amazing album. Most rap fans can probably find a song they enjoy on Club Wavy.

Club Wavy is available on SoundCloud

Wavy Cunningham · Club Wavy

Track Listings:

  1. I’m Good
  2. Laid Out On Fox
  3. Stay Faded
  4. Whattup?
  5. Crown Me
  6. The VIP (Interlude)
  7. Who Are You?
  8. Get Out
  9. Same Thing
  10. Multiple Levels Up
  11. Rooftop Conversations
  12. Still Wavy
  13. Last Minute
  14. All We Need Is Love

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