CHECKOUT: Jon Brion “Circles” Interview

CHECKOUT: Jon Brion “Circles” Interview

Jon Brion is the man that co-produced Mac Miller’s most recent and final album, Circles. Zane Lowe met with Jon Brion after the albums release to talk with him about the album. Brion talks about how his and Miller’s relationship started to grow and his thoughts when hearing songs off the album for the first time.

It was interesting to hear the process and how some of these songs came together. For example, on “Good News” where Miller had the verses but no chorus. After a session in the recording booth, Miller signed off the song saying Good News. Brion said that Miller wasn’t a fan of it at first, but he knew there was something there and encouraged him to keep going with it.

One thing that was really cool that he’d talk about was how Miller would want Brion to play the instruments on the songs he was showing him, but Brion knew Miller was more than capable to play, so what Brion would do is set them both up so they’d be playing the same instruments to the same song next to each other. Overall, this video gave a lot of good information about Circles and how much Miller had this project together before his passing. Jon Brion did an amazing job in preserving Miller’s legacy, and you can hear it in every track on Circles. Watch the full interview below:


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