Mirth Films is a music news/entertainment outlet that specializes in original video content and live streaming. We are based out of New York State with news coverage ranging across the whole United States.

Since we have a wide variety of topics we cover, it reflects in a diverse original video catalogue and news topics we can cover. Our video content consists of live music videos, artist interviews, documentaries, podcasts, video/photo tips, sketch comedy and festival recaps and of course, original series. Our article content is more than just your standard news articles. We also have exclusive interviews, recaps of the latest concerts including high resolution photo galleries and much more.

Not only do we make our own original content, we also work behind the scenes with artists, venues and businesses by helping unique content for their own platforms. Some of the various work with our partners include live streaming, video production, photography among other forms of multimedia marketing.

Our Story:

“The first time Mirth Films became a concept was in 2017 when I was making a sketch comedy video with one of my friends and we wanted to put the video out on a platform but not sure under what name. I was starting to do a lot of freelance video work and didn’t want to get my original content mixed up with the work I was doing for my clients so it was time to create a new identity.

How did the name come about you may ask? No it wasn’t taken from Phish’s Chalk Dust Torture lyrics. Although, the word Mirth first came across in my friend group the night Phish played Glens Falls, NY in October 2013 when Doug Quimby(Co-Founder) and I could not make it to the concert. I was attending SUNY Plattsburgh at the time and Doug couldn’t make it out. Doug bout the live stream of the show to watch and his Wi-Fi stopped working so he let me watch the live stream from my dorm room. In the meantime, Doug decided to ask his neighbor to use his Wi-Fi for the time being and the neighbor said yes. “The wi-fi password is “MirthIsKing”” he stated. From that point on, we would joke around using the password as a chant. Fast forward to 2017, it hit me that Mirth Films was the only thing we could name our new video platform. Unfortunately after that, nothing happened with Mirth Films for almost a year.

In the background of everything, I was deep into another passion of mine which was and still is concert photography and live music coverage. I was contributing my concert photography to a local music outlet in Albany, NY every week all throughout 2016-2017 all while trying to make originals with the rest of my time. After some time had passed I had an epiphany. “What If I was able to take the craft of creating original video content and combine it with my knowledge of covering live music and entertainment?” From there our website was born!

Mirth Films began with help from Doug Quimby and Ramon Sanchez and without their help, Mirth wouldn’t be what it is today! We immediately got started on building content for our site consisting of a bunch of articles and video content we felt that represented our brand. Once we had enough content built up, we launched the site to the public and had tee-shirts made with our logo. We covered every local concert we could and helped provide voices for artists through our “Artist Series” mini documentaries. We also included other coverage into our site such as video game news, skateboarding news and even video/photography tips.

Over the first 6 months, our focus was to help get our brand out there while providing quality content worth checking out. Once we got a grasp of what it was like to manage a live music news/entertainment website, Tom Schassler came along and helped provide structure to what we were doing while covering concerts and spreading the word about Mirth Films.

After we got through summer 2018 providing a decent amount of coverage, it was time to build a contributing team. This allowed Mirth Films to cover content outside of New York State making the website more resourceful and really helped us branch out. By 2019, we became Mirth Films as you know it today. With the help of our contributors, we are able to reach states including Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Virginia, Florida and plenty of other states.

In recent years, we at Mirth Films have made big strides in the diversity of content including new types like podcasting, live streaming and much more! We are happy to say that we have released hundreds of original videos, streamed over a hundred concerts and put out over 60 podcasts. Our goal today is the same as we started, providing fresh original video content all while keeping fans up to date with the latest live music/entertainment news.”

-Frankie Cavone