CHECKOUT: The Slow Mo Guys

CHECKOUT: The Slow Mo Guys

This Check Out is about a channel that you may find yourself spending a good amount of time on. The slow motion shot is almost guaranteed to be the best part of any video, and The Slow Mo Guys have specialized in that. For the past few years, Dan and Gavin the hosts of The Slow Mo Guys have been filming almost everything they can in slow motion.

These guys have filmed just about everything in slow motion. From things like Underwater Bullets, Paint on Speakers, and How TV’s Work, to Fireballs, Spinning Records to Pieces, Coke and Butane Rockets, and so much more. One of my favorites is Getting Showered By a 6-Foot Water Balloon. It was a super funny video and I had to rewind a couple times to watch the carnage over again because it looked amazing in slow motion.

They don’t just keep to the slow mo shot either. Dan and Gavin breakdown the science behind whatever they’re capturing as well as talk about their camera and how they’re getting the shot. Learn something, seem some really cool things, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. You can start below with one of my favorites:

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