The Skunch Brothers NO NO NO YEA YEA YEA Album Review

The Skunch Brothers NO NO NO YEA YEA YEA Album Review

The Skunch Brothers have released their long awaited debut album NO NO NO YEA YEA YEA. The Skunch Brothers feature Adam Johnson on lead guitar and vocals, Nick Robinson on drums and vocals, Owen Mahon (aka The Big O) on the bass, and Joseph Anderson (aka Two in a row Joe) on the saxophone. The album begins with the song “See You”, with a rock guitar riff that pulls you right in and includes solos from each member from the band. “Days Ahead” is  the next song and has a slow and folky beginning that escalates to a head rocking chorus. Up next is ”Two-In-A-Row Joe”, a hard rocking instrumental that Joseph Anderson really showcases his saxophone ability on. “Mountain Time” has a feel good rhythm all the way through with lyrics about being happy with who you are. “Suitcase on a Roof” is one of my favorites off of the album. Its upbeat and fast paced drumming alongside a unique sounding guitar riff keeps the head moving up and down. 

The album continues with “The Big O”, a bass heavy fast paced instrumental that would be hard to sit still through. The next song is “Our Dreams” which has a soulful melody that is very dream-like. “Over-Thoughts” is a more rugged and emotional sounding song. It has an old western vibe with impassioned lyrics on top. That’s followed by “North Shore”, a calm rock song with an awesome saxophone solo. “Teena” is another one of my favorites, very psychedelic sounding with an epic sonic climb to a nice spacey finish. You can listen to any one of these songs in rotation with most classic rock or jam music and it won’t feel out of place, but it has a different sound to it that can really make it stand out.

Listen to NO NO NO YEA YEA YEA below:

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