REVIEW: Mac Miller ‘Circles’

REVIEW: Mac Miller ‘Circles’

Mac Miller has left us a gem, every song is touching and genuine to Macs artistic ability. Although he passed away while in the process of making Circles, co-producer Jon Brion was able to finish this album in a way that Mac would have wanted it.

Circles is very genre fluid, not sticking to a specific sound at all. From pop, R&B, and rock, to rapping and singing, Mac put all of himself into this album. Only thing that stays the same is Macs voice and his messages. One thing about Mac Millers albums is that they all have a different sound. Circles is the companion album to Swimming and is musically much brighter. This isn’t an album for Mac Miller fans, it’s an album for everybody. In my opinion, this is one of Macs best albums. If you’re into Mac Miller or not, this album is worth a listen.

Check out “Hand Me Downs” off of Circles below:

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