Interview: Vincenza Di Martino Talks Debut Novel Oliver’s Antiques: Witch’s Folly Book 1

Interview: Vincenza Di Martino Talks Debut Novel Oliver’s Antiques: Witch’s Folly Book 1

Novelist Vincenza Di Martino is a writer based in New York state who has not only accomplished writing her first novel at a young age, but is already working on the follow up in the series. Oliver’s Antiques: Witch’s Folly Book 1 is a story full of magic and mystery following main character Gemma, an unsuspecting orphan swept away to the world of Goblidet.

The novel was released back in 2021 and Di Martino is gearing up to release on Book 2: “Cost of Blood.” We met Vincenza at the 2023 Saratoga Comic Con where she was promoting Oliver’s Antique and by the time we made are way to her table, she already sold out of copies! Not to worry though because you can purchase Oliver’s Antiques: Witch’s Folly Book 1 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and sink your teeth into it today! Read our full conversation with the talented Vincenza Di Martino below:

How long from idea to finished product did it take for book 1 of Oliver’s Antiques?

“Oliver’s Antiques” took about three years from idea to finish product. Two of those years were dedicated to formulating the ideas around my fascination of worldbuilding and stealing time to write every change I had.

For those unfamiliar with the book, tell us a little bit about it!

In the “Witch’s Folly” trilogy the main premise is that the most dangerous part of finding out who you are is the answer. In the first book “Oliver’s Antiques,” we follow the main character Gemma as she searches for her biological family and finds an alternative world of magic connected to ours, but not all journey’s have a happy ending and a forgotten foe has been waiting for her return.

What made you want to dive into long form writing and did you always have the idea of making Oliver’s Antique’s

I’ve always been a fan of longer stories, but never had the courage to tackle it myself. I started write Oliver’s Antiques as a standalone novel, until I had an epiphany at threequarters through that there was so much more story left to tell and it would do better as a trilogy.

How hard was it to develop a whole world for your book to tell the story?

It took a lot of thought and daydreaming at times when I should have been paying attention to other things. I’ve always been fascinated with how authors breathe life into the worlds they create and what I enjoyed as a reader of fantasy. I did a lot of research looking at writers like Tolkien, Rothfuss, and Sanderson and pulling apart what made a world realistic.

It is so cool to see that your book is available not only digitally but through Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Thanks! It is very surreal to see it offered in print and digital, especially with places like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s even crazier when I see it in smalltown bookstores that I used to shop in growing up hoping I’d make the shelves someday.

What is the end goal with the Oliver’s Antiques and are you currently working on any other projects?

My end goal with Oliver’s Antiques is the same with anything I’ve taken time to write–to give back to a community that was always there for me. Growing up reading was a big part of my life and got me through tough times. Being a writer, I’ve always strived to give that feeling and ‘escape’ back to anyone who reaches for the book needing it. At the moment the Witch’s Folly trilogy is my main focus, but I do have an angels and demons novel and supernatural novel based on the coexistence of vampires, werewolves, witches, and ghosts.

It takes a lot of effort and passion to pour your time into writing. Was writing what you always knew you wanted to do in life?

I’ve always been making up stories and writing since I was a little kid. Writing and becoming an author has always been something I’ve wanted but a very close second is a musician/music teacher. The two really go hand in hand for me.

You also have done a great job at marketing the book with making appearances at events like Saratoga Comic Con! Do you have any other events lined up for 2023?

Saratoga Comic Con was such a great time, that I will be there again come November. I’m hoping to be at the Albany Book Festival later this year and working on setting up some book signing events locally.

What are some cool things that you like to do that people might not know about?

I love to play guitar, singing, learning music theory, and dabbling in photography.

Who have been some of your biggest supporters with following your journey as a novelist?

My biggest supporters have been my family and friends who have always encouraged me pursue my passions. My husband who helps put things into perspective for me when my imposter syndrome acts up. Also, while she’s no longer here, my sister who taught me to have a thick skin and never give up on what matters most to me.

What is next for you?

I’m not really sure to be honest, other than keeping my nose to the grindstone to get the trilogy out I don’t have much planned. I don’t always know where I’m headed, but I always enjoy the journey and the process of getting there.

Any plugs you would like to make?

I’m working on putting out a novelette based on how two of the characters met and where things went wrong. Keep an eye out for that and the second book “Cost of Blood.”

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