Gallery: Saratoga Comic-Con 2023

Gallery: Saratoga Comic-Con 2023

Photos: Frankie Cavone

Saratoga Comic Con took place over the weekend bringing in one of the biggest groups folks into Saratoga Springs City Center to date. This comic-con is one of the biggest in the area attracting a diverse group of artists, fans and nerds.

Aside from all the incredible vendors, this year’s special guests included Brian Tochi, William Forsythe, Stephanie Nadolny, Sean Chiplock, Nicholas Roye, Tracy Lynn Cruz, Tami Stronach, Craig Bierko, Amanda Bearse, Stephen Geoffryes, America Olivo, Teddy Long and Kayla Sparks.

Guest artists included Robert Bruno, Daniel Khana and Jay Mooers. All in all, this year’s Saratoga Comic Con featured something for everyone, even if you are not a die-hard comic fan. As each year gets bigger for the event, we cannot wait to see where the great people behind Saratoga Comic Con have in store for the next time around!


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