Album Review: Wavy Cunningham | My Time Is Important

Album Review: Wavy Cunningham | My Time Is Important

(Writer: Doug Quimby)

Wavy Cunningham, a hip-hop artist out of Albany, NY, has released a brand new album called My Time Is Important. The eight track album was inspired after Wavy lost all of the lyrics he’s been working on over the past year. After going through old messages with his producer DJ Mercy, he was able to pull out all the lyrics for what would become My Time Is Important. This is Wavy’s eighth project since 2015. For this album, he teamed up with producers N – Pro, Homage Beats, Doc Uno, DJ Mercy, and Inteus for the beats, and features from Brit NY throughout the album.

66854897_2047935195514484_2147147558219153408_o.jpg(Album Art)

Wavy Cunningham’s rapping abilities have only improved in time. From old school hip-hop to trap beats, slow tracks or club songs, Wavy can hop on it. On this album he showed a lot of his rapping talents. Switching up his flow in songs like “Wait A Minute”, “Coppin Some More”, “Pearl Street Confidential”, “Market Projections”, and “Keeping Secrets”. Wavy really knows how to pair his voice with any type of beat. He also turns up his rapping pace during songs like “Wait A Minute” and “Keeping Secrets”. Wavy Cunningham is a true lyricist. Each song is filled with hip-hop and pop culture references, clever metaphors and wordplay, self reflection, and personal experiences. 

My Time Is Important is one for the books for Wavy Cunningham. Another great addition to the hip-hop scene. The album is available now on Soundcloud. Click here to listen. 

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