Six Insane Skateboarding Tricks Down El Toro

Six Insane Skateboarding Tricks Down El Toro

(Writer: Doug Quimby)

The stair set at the El Toro High School, in California has been an iconic spot in the skateboarding community for over a decade now. The twenty steps that make up this beast that people consider one of the hardest stair sets to jump down. There have been many skaters throw themselves down it, with even fewer rolling away. Unfortunately for the skaters, the high school will be destroying the stairs and rebuilding them in a way that will be harder to skate. To honor the legendary skate spot, here’s our top six tricks over the El Toro steps in no particular order

1. Heath Kirchart – Lipslide

Heath Kirchart is not only one of the most iconic skateboarders of all time, but was the very first skater to land a trick going down El Toro. When he rode away that day, Kirchart made history.

2. Ryan Decenzo – Nollie

Popping nose first down anything that big takes a certain kind of crazy, but it’s a crazy we appreciate.

3. Dave Bachinsky – Kickflip

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you do a flip trick down stairs or gaps. Dave Bachinsky does it perfectly though.

4. Jamie Foy – Frontside Crook

First Try Front Crook. Insanity.

5. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki – Kickflip Melon Grab

Jaws is known for going big, and he got some serious air time on this one. 

6. Clive Dixon – Nollie Noseblunt

This is about as gnarly as it gets. After doing a regular noseblunt down the stairs perfectly, Clive decided to go back and nollie into it like a mad man. 

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