Recap: 2019 X Games Real Street Competition

Recap: 2019 X Games Real Street Competition

(Writer: Doug Quimby)

The X Games Real Street Skateboarding Competition has come once again, and it has brought a new champion this year. Chase Webb has won the competition his first year being apart of it! Chris Joslin has placed second, making this his fourth year in a row earning a medal. And Jamie Foy claiming third place. When the fans got their chance to vote they picked Chris Joslin as the fan favorite.

The reason X Games Real Street is different then other skateboarding competitions is because of its format. Instead of taking place on a course and having to do timed runs or attempts, you get to film a 60 second video part. This gives many street skaters that may not have the best consistency or nerves under pressure, a chance to shine. And it’s the most authentic to street skateboarding in a contest, because it is street skateboarding.

X Games hasn’t stopped at skateboarding though. They now have 5 different Real Series featuring Skiing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Moto, and BMX. This competition series has been giving these professional athletes a unique format to which they can showcase their skills. And with this format you can really say the best these people can do. Going on its tenth year, and expanding to five different sports, this competition can only get bigger from here. You can find the results and the full show below:


Full Show:

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