Toddler Locks Dad Out Of iPad Until 2067

Toddler Locks Dad Out Of iPad Until 2067

(Writer: Doug Quimby)

A few days ago, a man posted a photo on Twitter that showed an iPad screen which had the disabled message displayed. It’s not so crazy until you realize that it has been disabled for 25,536,442 minutes! His 3-year-old kid had somehow managed to lock the iPad for an unbelievable 49 years.

Twitter being Twitter, the responses were a mixed batch of funny jokes and helpful tips. It turns out that if you happen to find yourself in this situation you can reset your device through iTunes. And if you backup your device on iTunes you can restore it as well like nothing happened.

Evan Osnos gave Twitter an update a couple days later thanking people for there help, and letting them know he was restoring his device.


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