Mac Miller’s “Blue Slide Park” Has Been Coming Up On GPS Services

Mac Miller’s “Blue Slide Park” Has Been Coming Up On GPS Services

Writer: Doug Quimby

Over the past couple days, people have realized that on Google Maps, Apple, and Bing searches for the Blue Slide Park a part of Frick Park located in Pittsburgh, PA has been coming up as “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park”.

Mac Miller named his debut album after Blue Slide Park and it reached #1 on Billboard charts. Songs on this album topped charts and brought Mac Miller and his music to the public’s attention. He quickly became a favorite for many. With his passing, many people have felt the hit. His music reached so many and his memory and music will live on through all of his fans, especially those in his hometown of Pittsburgh. His album, Blue Slide Park, references the city he grew up in and many feel that it put both him as an artist and Pittsburgh on the map. Fans were excited to see that the online GPS services were displaying Mac Miller’s name and found it a great way to honor the his impact.

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The name of the park has not been changed officially. There were, however, efforts to change the name of the park after the rapper last Fall after his devastating death. Petitions in support of a commemorative name change ended up with approximately 2,000 signatures. Unfortunately for those who signed, Mayor Bill Peduto told reporters that strict rules are in place regarding renaming public assets, and went on to say that “it’s three years after someone has passed that you can then name something after them”. Information as to why the name of the park has been changed on the different internet searches is unknown.

Whether the name of the park is officially renamed “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park” in the future or not, this has been a great reminder of the rapper and the impact he had on so many.

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