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Lemon Flavored Art Series Kicks Off In Manhattan’s Alphabet City

(Writer/Photo: Valentin Villaluz) On Thursday May 9th at the “Hairy Lemon” in Alphabet City Manhattan, NY, Greyegg (Gregory McKenna) kicked off the first event in a series of “lemon flavored” art shows. This show featured creative art pieces from Luis Monteagudo, City Kitty, TurtleCaps, Shannon McBride, Greyegg, Victor Cox, Bludog10003, James Groeling, Scared Cicada and Colleen Blackard. The owner of the pub welcomed the crowd with an open door and a

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“The Vessel” New York City’s Newest Landmark Opens

(Billy Francis LeRoux) The ever changing landscape of New York City just unveiled its’ most recent addition. It’s being called many things including “ The Eiffel Tower of New York” , “The Wastebasket”, and “The Beehive”. The 150 million dollar “sculpture” called “The Vessel” opened March 15th at the site of the largest and most expensive real estate project in

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Session: The Next Best Skateboarding Game

Writer: Doug Quimby Since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in the late 1990’s, skateboarding video games have been a great way to get skateboarding out into the world. The Tony Hawk Series created by Neversoft and Activision were all amazing games. My favorites were American Wasteland and Underground. At that time they felt like the most real a skateboarding game could

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