Lemon Flavored Art Series Kicks Off In Manhattan’s Alphabet City

Lemon Flavored Art Series Kicks Off In Manhattan’s Alphabet City

(Writer/Photo: Valentin Villaluz)

On Thursday May 9th at the “Hairy Lemon” in Alphabet City Manhattan, NY, Greyegg (Gregory McKenna) kicked off the first event in a series of “lemon flavored” art shows. This show featured creative art pieces from Luis Monteagudo, City Kitty, TurtleCaps, Shannon McBride, Greyegg, Victor Cox, Bludog10003, James Groeling, Scared Cicada and Colleen Blackard.

The owner of the pub welcomed the crowd with an open door and a warm Irish hospitality. Hungers were sated with mouthwatering entrees, thirsts were quenched with a swift smile, and spirits were raised in celebration of creativity. Joy filled the pub as guests, artists and spectators intermingled in a friendly intimate setting. 

The Hairy Lemon (16 of 20).jpg(Photo: Valentin Villaluz)

As the evening progressed as the “Rec Room” of the Hairy Lemon evolved into a fine art gallery filled with a diverse gathering. Between artists and patrons new friendships were made and long-time friendships were celebrated. It was a lemon flavored event, but not a single spur attitude was present. Gregory McKenna, the Curator of “The Lemon Show” had this to say:

How did this event come to be?
Gregory McKenna: An opportunity arose from meeting a bar owner with interest in having an art happening.  I decided that it was time to return to the NYC art scene with a run of themed events starting at The Hairy Lemon and some group shows with a lemony flavored theme.

What was your vision for the show?
Gregory McKenna: I envisioned the people I have met through art gathering and inspiring one another.

The Hairy Lemon (1 of 20).jpg(Photo: Valentin Villaluz)

How did you feel while the show was going on?
Gregory McKenna: I felt beyond satisfied that the vision was concretized.

Will there be more events to come?
Gregory McKenna: There will be more for certain. The next returning to The Hairy Lemon for the second edition of The Lemon Show in about 2 months from now.

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The Hairy Lemon (1 of 20).jpg

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