Interview: 6 Questions with Lindsay McKeough

Interview: 6 Questions with Lindsay McKeough

World, please let me introduce you to the Artist behind “Happy Clouds and Trees,” Lindsay McKeough

~ 6 Questions down with Amy Klemme


Amy: Hey Lindsay!! Let me start by saying Thank You for agreeing to this Interview and your Esty shop is looking HOT and full of amazingly fun art!! In Season, too I may add! I admire your work and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind telling our viewers a bit more about the Artist behind @HappyCloudsandTrees designs.

Lindsay: Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to interview me! I am an artist (more specifically illustration artist) who is currently focusing on a world of ghosts. I live locally with my husband, two young sons, and dog Kevin. I always loved to draw ever since I was a kid, so all of this is really a dream come true!


Amy: Where did the inspiration for “Ghosty” come from?

Lindsay: Well, I started my Etsy shop selling watercolor landscapes, (hence the happycloudsandtrees name) And one August day in 2022 I decided to draw a ghost. And I made a T ikTok about it. And people really liked it. I started creating watercolor illustrations of the little ghosts from that day forward. I also always loved Busy World of Richard Scarry books and Peanuts. I think a lot of my work can be seen as reflections of that. My ghosts started out as cute Halloween pictures (which are fun!) but kind of took on a life of their own when I started putting them into everyday places, especially nostalgic places. Much of my work is a reflection of some of my own childhood memories, ranging from wood paneling, playing Nintendo, and even watching The Price is Right while home sick from school. So much of my work is cute, but there are pieces and stop motions that touch on something a little more melancholy, which I think is important.



Amy: I see you do a lot of Watercolor works, but do you work in other mediums?

Lindsay: I do! Funny thing is I actually always loathed watercolor until about a year or two ago! I dabble in acrylic and charcoal as well. I also took a couple of pottery classes at The Albany Art Room (which was awesome!) but I am SO not a pottery artist. lol


Amy: Let’s talk about your incredible stop motion work- How long did each of those clips take you to do?

Lindsay: Thank you for the kind words! Well it can range anywhere from an hour to hours. It all depends if I have to cut out props and scenery. And yes, I hand cut out every piece and move them frame by frame. I don’t even have editing software (which I definitely need to get on!) I solely use tiktok for editing. It is definitely a labor of love, but I have found it to be a lovely escape into a magical little world.


Amy: What has been your favorite piece of work to date and why?

Lindsay: I think my favorite was the introduction of “The Moon” My first work with the moon was “Ghost Staring at the Moon” I randomly decided to make the moon have eyes, and it changed the whole feeling of that picture. The moon is always a friend to the ghosts, and I’m grateful the moon appeared one day!


Amy: You got to you showcase and sell your art at the First Friday relaunch celebration at Overit Media back in May of this year. Was that your first time showcasing your works of art? Please tell our viewers about that experience and where they may find your art pieces today.

Lindsay: Yes it was! And thank you for setting that up by the way! It was really cool seeing people in front of me reacting to my art. I only ever get to read comments and messages (which are wonderful!) I also sold several pieces that really spoke to the people buying them. Hearing how something seemingly simple I created makes someone feel big feelings had a great impact on me. I get great fulfillment bringing joy to others. You can find all of my artwork and most stop motions on my Instagram, all my stop motions on Tiktok (@happyclouds1012) and my shop on Etsy has lots of goodies like prints, stickers, and originals! And I have stickers and artwork at Bear and Bird Gallery on Jay Street in Schenectady!

If you enjoyed Amy Klemme’s “6 Questions Down” with our local Artist, Lindsay McKeough, please give her page @HappyCloudsandTrees a like and follow. Want to support further, please check out her latest Art Show @BearandBird on Jay St in Schenectady, NY. Or purchase prints from Lindsay’s Etsy shop.


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