Recap: Timbre Coup & Squeaky Feet Bring the Heat at The Hollow

Recap: Timbre Coup & Squeaky Feet Bring the Heat at The Hollow

Photos: Tammie Birdwell

On Thursday, March 23rd, The Hollow in Albany, NY hosted an incredible night of music featuring Squeaky Feet all the way from Colorado and local rock legends Timbre Coup. For former Mister F fans, it was an absolute delight to see some of the past members up on that stage again — even if they were playing in different bands. 

Squeaky Feet

Squeaky Feet opened things up with one of the most original sets of music I have ever heard. The band is comprised of Colin Shore (lead guitar/vocals and former member of Mister F), Greg King (guitar), Jimmy Finnegan (bass/vocals), Brian Keller (keyboard/sax/flute/vocals), and Kevin D’Angelo on drums. Formed in Colorado, this is one of the few times this band has come east.

Squeaky Feet told me last night that they are working on an album. If you missed last night’s show — or any other for that matter, you can catch the boys on Nugs. Also, they plan another trip east this fall, so don’t sleep on that one. 

Timbre Coup

Local progressive rock band Timbre Coup finished out the night. This band absolutely kills it every time they take the stage. Their progressive rock style, combined with the fact that it is obvious they are having the time of their lives left everyone breathless. They are all over the stage, despite the size limitation, they switch instruments like it’s no big deal and they just simply rocked my socks off. 

According to the band, they are working on some exciting new material as well as an album due out later this year. If you missed last night’s show, you can catch them again at Nanola on June 8th.


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