An Interview with Seize Atlantis

An Interview with Seize Atlantis

Photo: Frank Cavone

Before the year got ahead of us, we wanted to talk to one of the fastest growing alternative rock bands in the Capital District, Seize Atlantis. The band formed in 2019 and has been steadily growing their fanbase ever since. They are gearing up for a large batch of spring tour dates including upcoming performances at Bebob’s Backstreet BBQ in Lake George, NY on February 25th and March 3rd at The Grateful Den in Glens Falls, NY. Read our full interview with Seize Atlantis below:

How does it feel to have widened your reach as a band?

Rewarding, to see the work we’ve put into ourselves start giving us recognition and opportunity has been so validating! When we started in 2019, we weren’t really sure where this would go – but it seems like we’re on the right path. We couldn’t be happier with how much we’ve grown, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue to level up whenever we can.

You guys have been taking your time off the stage to put the finishing touches on your upcoming EP and single. What is the group’s approach to the follow up EP this time around?

This EP is a little different in that each song has been collaborative and has its own dynamic creating unique sounds. Each song on our last EP stemmed from ideas from individual members, while these songs have felt much more like all of us writing cohesively as a unit. It’s been fun to switch up our creative approach!

Seize Atlantis will be kicking it into high gear with your first batch of live performances starting February 11th at Lawrence Street in Glens Falls, NY, how does it feel to finally break out some of the new material?

We’ve teased some of the unreleased songs already, and we’re stoked about the response so far. Super excited to see how everyone reacts to the EP as a whole! Our first set of songs was more of a social commentary using the fall of Atlantis as a parallel, while these songs are much more personal and introspective in nature. It feels like the difference between seeing what’s wrong with the world vs. seeing what’s wrong with ourselves and our relationships with others.

What are some local acts you guys are fans of/like sharing the bill with?

ERIE, Under The Den, Pine Boys, Shortwave RadioBand, – honestly everyone we’ve played with so far have been really cool. We enjoy their work, and appreciate the energy they bring to the stage!

There are a lot of people that do not realize how much great music and culture has come from Glens Falls. What makes the area so special?

There are plenty of awesome venues and events to play at, the people running them truly see the value in local artists. There’s so much love and talent in this community, it’s an honor to participate!

Who have been some inspirations or key people who have helped you guys get to where you are today?

It’s tough to narrow down but here’s a list of some people that have been imperative in our journey:
Brian Michael (Terralite), Mateo Vosganian (Wild Adriatic), Jim Robinson (Dirt Cheap), Jim Gilbert (Nippertown), Andy Scullin (Shortwave RadioBand), Jordan Withers (Poison Noises), Bruce Lant (Margo Macero Band), Pearson Constantino (EQXposure) – We are so lucky to have so many local inspirations that have supported us along the way.

What can fans expect from Seize Atlantis this year?

We have a lot planned for 2023 honestly and we can’t wait to deliver. This EP is groovy and energetic, we know it won’t disappoint! Aside from the EP, there’s some fresh merch we are collaborating on, so keep an eye out for that. We’ll be playing shows often which gives everyone a chance to get out to see us live!

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