Tampa Am: Complete List of Winners Throughout The Years

Tampa Am: Complete List of Winners Throughout The Years

The Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa, Florida has deep roots in skateboarding for being the place where amateurs become professionals. For those of you who don’t know about the Tampa Am Competition, it is one of the most legendary skateboarding competitions that takes place once a year. For most ams who win this, it helps them get recognized even more and even might make a skateboard company decide to make the amateur go pro!

Also known as SPoT, the first am contest was held in 1995 with Josh Stewart winning it. Today, It still stands as the most respected skateboarding competition on the planet. Check out a list winners of the Am competition with videos from each year below:

1995: Josh Stewart

1996: Donny Barley

1997: Judd Hertzler

1998: Nathan Smith

1999: Mike Peterson

2000: Kyle Berard

2001: Colt Cannon

2002: Caswell Berry

2003: Kevin “Spanky” Long

2004: Sierra Fellers

2005: Nyjah Houston

2006: Cody Mcentire

2007: Felipe Gustavo

2008: Ryan Decenzo

2009: Luan Oliveira

2010: Elijah Berle

2011: Trevor Colden

2012: Alec Majerus

2013: Jack Olson

2014: Jagger Eaton

2015: Aurelien Giraud

2016: Dashawn Jordan

2017: Gustavo Ribeiro

2018: Daisuke Ikeda

2019: Kairi Netsuke

2021: Yukito Aoki

2022: Daiki Ikeda

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