Gaming Moments I’ll Never Forget: My First Nuke in Call of Duty

Gaming Moments I’ll Never Forget: My First Nuke in Call of Duty

Writer: Brett Porter
Photo/Video: ScereBro PSNU

So long as I stay motivated enough to keep this a continuing series, I would like to invite you, our article viewing audience, into one of my fondest memories as a gamer. Just like anyone else with literally anything else, we all have otherwise mundane moments in our life that we remember because of one strange detail.

For this inaugural chapter, allow me to fill you in on the day I acquired 25 kills in a row in Modern Warfare 2, proceeded to ruin the day of my opponents, and cemented a legacy for myself as a savage.

For some reason, I can recount a lot of weird details about this day, so bear with me here. For starters, it was during my summer break, somewhere in between my eighth and ninth grade year. I had awoken at the super early time of 2:00 pm EST, to the sound of my caller ID telling me my grandmother was calling. Now me, I’m a grandma’s boy, so I ran to answer the phone, and in the process my pinky toe collided with a door frame, effectively bending that little piggy 90 degrees. Thinking fast, I hopped to my freezer, grabbed a bag of ice, and butt-scooted downstairs. My thought process being well, if I’m gonna have to sit all day anyway, I might as well play some Call of Duty.

So as I’m getting comfy and placing a five pound bag of ice on my foot, I join up in a party chat with my friends Shane and Zack. I was informed they were on the prowl for nukes. Me, being objectively the worst COD player of the three of us, decided to give it a try myself. We play ourselves a Team Tactical. (4v4 for the young bucks) Domination on Rust. Absolute slaughterhouse of a map and arrangement. I got in my groove right away, getting a few seven killstreaks before meeting my untimely demise. Out of nowhere, something clicked in our team chemistry.

I got to the coveted eleven killstreak. In the palm of my hands I had a Chopper Gunner laying waste to these jabronis. It felt like it was less than fifteen seconds between me manning the greatest killstreak of all time and getting to 25 uninterrupted kills. Boom, the Nuke is called. I lose my fourteen year old mind, and basically receive the best pomp and circumstance that two friends in a party chat can provide.

I was no longer a boy. I was officially a man…child. The ecstasy of that moment in my gaming career is something that I will both never forget and probably never be able to duplicate ever again. I would play for another ten hours straight before I realized I melted an entire bag of ice on my foot and made a huge mess. To this day, my toe is the only thing I’ve ever broken, and I don’t recommend it.

To those interested, I even remember my entire Create-A-Class, which was as follows:

TAR-21 w/extended mag
Akimbo G18s
Throwing Knife for some reason
Stun Grenades

Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk 2: Stopping Power Pro
Perk 3: Ninja Pro


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