Tampa Pro: Complete List of Winners Throughout The Years

Tampa Pro: Complete List of Winners Throughout The Years

Photo: Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro is one of skateboarding’s most treasured contests throughout the years bringing professionals together for a raging weekend of chaos. The Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa, Florida has deep roots in skateboarding for being the place where amateurs become professionals and come back to skate the professional contest. It is also one of the most famous skate parks being featured in video games and throughout pop culture.

Also known as SPoT, the first pro contest was held in April of 1995 with Mike Vallely winning it. Today, It still stands as the most respected skateboarding competition on the planet. Check out a list winners of the Tampa Pro competition with videos from each year below:


1995: Mike Vallely

1996: Eric Koston

1997/1998: Andrew Reynolds

1999: Gershon Mosley

2000: Kerry Getz

2001: Kyle Berard

2002: Eric Koston

2003: Tony Trujillo

2004: Bastien Salabanzi

2005: Dennis Busenitz

2006: Greg Lutzka

2007: Eric Koston

2008: Greg Lutzka

2009: Greg Lutzka

2010: Paul Rodriguez

2011: Dennis Busenitz

2012: Torey Pudwill

2013: Luan Oliveira

2014: Nyjah Houston

2015: Luan Oliveira

2016: Shane O’Neill

2017: Louie Lopez

2018: Jagger Eaton

2019: Carlos Ribeiro

2020: Nyjah Houston

2021: Shane O’Neill

2022: Jamie Foy

2023: Yuto Horigome

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