Tyshawn Jones Wins 2022 Thrasher Skater of the Year Award

Tyshawn Jones Wins 2022 Thrasher Skater of the Year Award

This year featured some of the heaviest skateboarding in recent times marking a controversial decision for this year’s Thrasher Skater of the Year Award. This year, Tyshawn Jones won the award for his second time. While Jones very is much qualified and deserving to win the award, a handful of other pro’s pushed the boundaries.

One of those skateboarders include Nyjah Houston, one of today’s most recognized skateboarders who has consistently put out some of the most memorable parts, year after year. This year, Houston hands down did the biggest handrails and stair sets riding switch for a lot of it. He dropped three parts and all individually different. With all of that being said, he has never been able to get the chip off of his shoulder and is looked at as a “contest skater” or is not cool because of the way he dresses. But yet, has the ability to show up any skateboarder at any spot, any time. For reasons like this, it seems that Thrasher likes to not promote skaters who dabble in multiple avenues of skateboarding. It isn’t “raw” enough for Thrasher. Again, we are not saying Tyshawn Jones doesn’t deserve this year’s Skater of the Year award. I mean, he f***ing backside flipped over a subway gap. There just seems to be a bias to who can win the award and who can’t. In the public opinion’s eyes, this was Nyjah Houston’s year. It will be interesting to see how he responds on his skateboard in 2023. Check out some of the heaviest skateboarding in 2022 below:

Nyjah Houston – “Shine On”

Nyjah Houston – “Need That”

Tyshawn Jones – “The General”

Tyshawn Jones – “Kingdome Come”

Louie Lopez – Converse “As You Wish”

T-Funk – “Deep Fried X Baker”

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