Skate. 4 is STILL In The Works…But That Is a Good Thing

Skate. 4 is STILL In The Works…But That Is a Good Thing

Any news is good news, am I right? Well in this case we are a little let down to find out that Electronic Art’s skate. 4 video game is still in what looks to be very early development. The much anticipated skateboarding game beloved by many.

Why would this be good news? Well after the past few years of games being released before being completely finished, consumers are sick and tired forking out the money for a 60-70 dollar game and not getting their value and being let down over and over again.

EA is taking their time in what hopes to be the sole purpose of making this game perfect right off the bat without relying on patches to fix problems. This latest announcement was made via video on social media showing behind the scenes work game and its current “pre-pre-pre alpha” stage as the developers are calling it. The company has even gone as far as taking real feedback provided by fans via social media on things they could improve upon from the first three games in the series.

In recent year’s other skateboarding video games have entered the market including Skater XL and and Session but neither have been able to reach the success of Skate due to the playing mechanics. That being said, a 12 year absence of the franchise has been unnecessary and we cannot wait to get the next piece of news about Skate 4. For Xbox gamers can enjoy Skate 1 and 3 which are both available in the Game Pass subscription. Watch EA’s “Still Working On It – skate” video announcement below:



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