Skateboarding: Tampa Pro 2022 Results

Skateboarding: Tampa Pro 2022 Results

Tampa Pro 2022, skateboarding’s prestigious professional competition has come and gone once again with the pros leaving it all on the table. Jamie Foy of Deathwish Skateboards walked away with both the best trick and full competition award in his hometown state. While we give much love to the dude, the highlight of the weekend was Andy Anderson dark sliding down a double kink rail outside of the competition time for best trick. The moment had a similar feeling to when Tony Hawk landed the 900, pushing innovation on something that has never been done that way before. Check out the full results of both competitions below:


Tampa Pro Finals:

    1. Jamie Foy
    2. Vincent Milou
    3. Jake Ilardi
    4. Felipe Gustavo
    5. Nyjah Houston
    6. Kelvin Hoefler
    7. Carlos Ribeiro
    8. Kairi Netsuke
    9. Axel Crusberghs
    10. Alex Midler
    11. Yuto Hoigome
    12. Lucas Rabelo

Tampa Pro Best Trick:

  1. Jamie Foy
  2. Jack Olson
  3. Angelo Caro
  4. Andy Anderson
  5. Kelvin Hoefler

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