Spirit Halloween Is Set To Get It’s Own Horror Movie

Spirit Halloween Is Set To Get It’s Own Horror Movie

According to ScreenCrush, The Spirit Halloween store is about to get a horror movie focused around its business. For those who do not know of Spirit Halloween, it is a Halloween store that occupies abandoned big-box department stores during September and October. The self titled movie will actually feature credible actors including Christopher Lloyd(The Addams Family, Back to the Future) and Jeffiger Jason Leigh(Fast Times at Ridgemont High).

This may be a horror movie but it will actually be a more of a family-friendly adventure take instead of your traditional films. The synopsis of the movies is about when a new Spirit Halloween store pops up in an abandoned mall and and some kids decide to explore it at night. They even go as far as spending the night inside the locked store. Soon they find out that the store is haunted and have to go on an adventure to survive the night.

Spirit Halloween is directed by David Poag and screen play is by Billie Bate. The movie does not have a release date but will make it into theatres. Stay tuned for more information!


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