Annie In The Water Celebrates Release of New Album at The Hollow in Albany, NY

Annie In The Water Celebrates Release of New Album at The Hollow in Albany, NY

Photo: Frankie Cavone

Annie in the Water celebrated the release of their brand new album Sun at Dawn at the Hollow in Albany, NY playing to nearly 200 fans. Opening the night for the act was the Pine Hills Trio displaying powerful talent throughout their set.

Over the past few years Annie in the Water has solidified lineup showing a strong bond between each other. Sun at Dawn is powerful from front to back is an incredible step-up from their previous album Time to Play. The album kicks off with “Bloom,” a song so unique and catchy that can reach the masses. “Seeds” begins with a most excellent bass line from Chris Meir slowing continuing into the groove eventually laid over with stellar vocals from Brad Hester. This one-two track punch really gets you in the mindset of continuing to look forward to the next song on the album. The best way to compare this is to Metallica’s Black Album. Track 1 being Enter Sandman and track 2 being Sad But True. One of the most memorable starts to an album. Annie achieves the same concept in their own way with their own style.

While the musicianship of the band overall is high, what makes Sun at Dawn an incredible album is the songwriting. Something that parts of the music scene has lacked for a long time, and none that is possible without front-men Brad Hester and Michael Lashomb. What they have been able to mold from decade of friendship is not something that happens often. They have stuck it out through the good times and bad times and have finally found the people they love playing music with. That being Brock Kuca(Percussion), Ryan Trumbull(Drums), Chris Meir(Bass) and Matt Richards(Piano).

There is also much depth in the album as well. “Turnaround” give punk feels with ska style beats in the chorus. “In the Sand” progressively builds up beginning with emotional lyrics by Matt Richards leading into an incredible jam section that could be taken into many different realms.  From beginning to end, Sun at Dawn will leave you wanting more and the best way to get the fix is at the next show.

Annie in the Water’s performance at The Hollow is one to go down in the books. Not only was it a celebration, they took it to a whole different level by playing their hearts out. It really is hard to describe in words how amazing the show was but my favorite part of the night was looking left and right seeing people know the lyrics to all the songs and sitting back realizing how far they have come. The “it” factor exists with Annie in the Water and watching their path in 2022 will be very special. Check out photos from their album release party below:



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