Recap: Twiddle Provides A Jam-Heavy Return to the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY

Recap: Twiddle Provides A Jam-Heavy Return to the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY

Twiddle returned to the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY for a Saturday night for a jam filled performance. The band received support from California based Midnight North and both were coming off a show the night before at the State Theatre in Portland, ME.

The group was without Brook Jordan for the night who’s slot was filled in by everybody’s favorite drummer Adrian Tramontano who filled the role with style. Twiddle kicked off their performance with “Enter” into “Syncopated Healing.” After splendid versions of “Syncopated Healing” and “White Light,” it was time to dive deep into the catalogue for “Apples.”

Before wrapping up the first set, the band brought on Joe Cirotti and Elliot Peck for John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery.” The second set started off grooving with Twiddle instrumental “Latin Tang.” This set was jam heavy featuring a sit-in from Grahame Lesh on Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street.” The vermont based quartet closed out the second set with “The Box” and “Lost in the Cold.” For the encore, Twiddle busted out with their newest track “The Devil” which was written in collaboration with Blue’s Traveler’s John Popper.

See the full set list from Twiddle’s Palace Theatre performance and gallery below:


Set 1: Enter> Orlando’s, Syncopated Healing, White Light, Apples, Angel From Montgomery [1] %, Stroganoff

Set 2: Latin Tang, Mildew Man > Shakedown Street [2] $, The Box, Lost In The Cold

Encore: The Devil

[1] John Prine
[2] Grateful Dead
% – w/Joe Cirotti & Elliott Peck
$ – Grahame Lesh


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