‘OlliOlli World’ – A New Take on Skateboarding Video Games

‘OlliOlli World’ – A New Take on Skateboarding Video Games

OlliOlli World is a brand new skateboarding video game that is set to drop February 8th on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4/5, Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game takes a different approach which in the trailer almost seems like to Jet Set Radio Future which came out on the original Xbox.

It is exciting that this game will be different than the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, Skate and other simulation style games. The trailer is colorful with a cartoonish art-style and looks to have some set characters. According to The Berrics, The game developers Roll7 and Private Division claim that this game should be on the radar of both skateboarding and platforming fans.”

OlliOlli World will have a standard edition and a “Rad Editon” which will be priced at $29.99 and $44.99 respectively. Pre-order the game today and check out the trailer below:

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