Thomas Ian Nicholas Next Up For Palace Sessions

Thomas Ian Nicholas Next Up For Palace Sessions

We are teaming back up with the Palace Theatre and City of Albany, NY to bring you the next edition of Palace Sessions! Singer/songwriter Thomas Ian Nicholas will fill the beloved Albany, NY venue with sound February 1st at 7pm on the Palace Theatre YouTube Channel.

Thomas Nicholas is well known for his roles in the American Pie series and the main role in Rookie of the Year. He began his professional music journey in 2008 and since then has released 6 albums and currently working on his next one. He has recorded and collaborated with groups like Blues Traveler and has been active throughout the pandemic with live streaming and patreon.

February’s episode of Palace Sessions will benefit AFSP. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedeicated to helping save lives bringing home to those affected by suicidide. Learn more about the upcoming Palace Sessions episode by clicking here. What the finale of last seasons’ Palace Sessions with the Blind Owl Band below:

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