Creature Skateboards Releases “Gangreen” – A Full-Length Video

Creature Skateboards Releases “Gangreen” – A Full-Length Video

Creature Skateboards has released their latest full-length skateboarding move “Gangreen,” a video representing the more raw side of the culture. Skateboarding may be an Olympic sport but this video goes to show that it is an artform most of all. Skateboarding is about getting in the streets with your best friends and having a good time and that is what this video shows. This video front to back is raw skateboarding with no pauses.

The video seamlessly segues into each skaters part while blending in team elements throughout the video as well. “Gangreen” features Chris Russel, Jonny Gasparotto, Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Willis Kimbel, Tate Carew, Sota Tomikawa, Allysha Le, Cam Noren, John Gardner, Al Partanen, Devin Bagnoli, Kyle Eggen, John Worthington, Joe Milazzo, Peter Raffin, Sergio Reinhardt, Nixeil Osborne, Marely Rae, Vincent Matheron, Ulph Anderson, Jared Cleland, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Bobby Long Rhoades, Steven ‘Lefty’ Breeding, Mathias Torres, Jonas Bunger, David Gravette, Jeremy Tuffli, Cody Lockwood, Collin Provost, Milton Martinez, Kevin Baekkel and Georg Stenerson.

The run time is about an hour long so sit back, relax, grab your cheapest domestic beer and watch Creature Skateboards’ “Gangreen” full length video below:

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