Hey, Greasy releases new tape compilation “Upstate Underground” of ’60s garage rock

Hey, Greasy releases new tape compilation “Upstate Underground” of ’60s garage rock

The Capital Region, NY-based Hey, Greasy is responsible for booking unique garage rock shows around the area, shared in aesthetically punk-style zines dropped around town.

Most recently, founder Sean Secor and artist Kiersten Fink have compiled Upstate Underground, a collection of 11 “rough, raw, wild, psycha-sonic rarities.” Unearth (or rediscover) a set of tracks from the mid- to late-’60s by bands from the Capital Region to the Hudson Valley area.

Those included in the Upstate Underground were found with the help of information from local sources and garagehangover.com, with special thanks to Jimmy Barrett and Spike Katz.

Bands include The Bougalieu (Albany), The Heathens (Schenectady), The Chimes of Freedom (Schenectady/Scotia), Delirium (Mechanicville), The Kynds (Hudson) and more.

Secor and Fink are asking that “anyone who knows anyone” connected to the ’60s rock n’ roll scene in Capital land, Hudson or Mohawk Valleys email the Hey, Greasy team at heygreasyhey@gmail.com to help grow and deepen this project.

Mirth Films: For those who aren’t familiar, can you explain what Hey, Greasy is? What is the motivation behind it?

Sean Secor: I started Hey, Greasy a few years back as a quarterly gig zine, listing the garage/rockabilly/punk/surf shows and dance nights around here with a little bit about the bands playing. Eventually, I started listing the shows I was booking as Hey, Greasy presents. I just wanted to have all the cool rock n’ roll for the next couple months in one easy to find place.

Mirth Films: How did you decide on who would be part of this comp? What were you looking for?

SS: Kiersten had the idea for an Albany “pebbles” comp of rough, raw garage rock n’ roll, so we started doing some research and found some bands that felt like were a good place to start.

Kiersten Fink: During the quarantine/shut down, I wanted to put out a music related zine, but there weren’t any shows to write about, so we combined the mixtape/zine into one project and learned a lot of stuff about the Capital Region in the mid-late ’60s.

SS: We also wanted to keep the focus very local. There are already comps of Syracuse, Rochester and NYC bands from that era, we thought we should have our own. The furthest away band on here is from Newburgh.

Mirth Films: What can people expect from the zine?

SS: Some pictures, some facts about the bands, really just trying to set the scene for when you pop that tape in.

Mirth Films: Do you see this being a series of tape/zine releases?

KF: Yes, definitely, we’re going to start work on Volume 2 very soon.

SS: At the rate we’re learning about the scene back then, we might have enough for a Volume 3!

Mirth Films: What do you hope listeners will draw from this project?

SS: I hope a little hometown pride! It’s a cool tape, and it’s even cooler to have that geographical connection to it.

Upstate Underground is available on tape, with digital listening access available via a QR code on the accompanying zine.

Get your copy by contacting @heygreasy via DM on Instagram, where you can stay up to date with upcoming projects and shows near you.

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