Daryll Hall Yet Another Celebrity to Slam Albany, NY Hilton

Daryll Hall Yet Another Celebrity to Slam Albany, NY Hilton

Classic rock performer Daryll Hall of Hall & Oates has joined the growing list of celebrities who hate the Albany Hilton hotel.

Hall slammed the hotel in between songs during the duo’s Sunday performance at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the Times Union reported, calling his room “windowless and grimy.”

In a video shared on Twitter by Times Union columnist Paul Grondahl, Hall can be seen and heard saying:

“In the big room, if you could call it a big room, there’s no windows at all. Since I don’t want to smoke crack or anything, or shoot up or do anything like that, it’s fucked up right? I’m giving you the worst review of a hotel you’ll ever have. And I can’t stay [in Saratoga] because y’all are, like, here. I don’t usually do this, but it was bad news.”

The crowd goes wild.

This isn’t exactly a first for performers ripping on Albany, in general.

I attended John Mulaney’s stand-up show at The Palace back in 2017 in which he it took him all of two minutes to roast the city in his praise of The Palace. “This theater is beautiful,” he said, “and then you go outside and… ‘oh.’” He followed up by comparing the theater’s presence in Albany to “a pair of cufflinks on a guy who just shit his pants.”

In fact, this isn’t even a first for the Albany Hilton. In 2017, rapper Cardi B ripped the place apart, calling out hotel staff’s racist actions after she and her team were kicked out of their room just hours after her Times Union Center performance because staff “smelled weed” after following up on a noise complaint.

“Albany is known for being racist and I really experienced that yesterday,” she said in an Instagram video. “I would understand if I was actin’ up or I was buggin’ but a bitch was really sleeping. How you gonna kick me out for smoking weed when I’m really not? Oh because you wanna pick and choose because I’m ghetto and shit, it’s too hard to believe? I really don’t wanna be the one to pull the race card…but that is the only explanation that I can fucking find.”

According to the Times Union, the hotel did not comment on Hall’s scathing review, but staff agreed to pass on the message to management.

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