Pink Nois Releases RPG Read-Along in Support of New Album “Author”

Pink Nois Releases RPG Read-Along in Support of New Album “Author”

“You are in a vast, endless white space. A vision forms before your very eyes…”

So begins “THE GAME”, a read-along role playing game released by singer-songwriter and producer Pink Nois in support of his third full-length album Author. The 10-track release dropped just last week and is already building a successful following. The music videos for its two singles, “Callin'” and “That’s Cool”, have racked up nearly 20,000 YouTube views so far.

But Pink Nois really wants listeners to dive into the world he has built behind Author.

Designed to bring the artist’s various personas (Scott Free, Silver Sabre and Pink Nois) to life, this choose-your-own-adventure puts the reader in “The Void”, in search of the “power to create” behind mysterious doors. We’ll save from spoilers.

The project begs patience but doesn’t lack in excitement as you don’t know exactly who you’ve followed, encountered or faced off with until the end. It’s a great reflection of the artist’s artistic vision and a unique showing of what he has in store for future endeavors.

There’s fun in ambiguity and its a tool Pink Nois certainly knows how to wield. Particularly so, in his current creative output.

“It’s realism smoothly and seamlessly shifting into surrealism,” he says of the new album, “with no clear indication of where that starts or ends, both lyrically and sonically.”

THE GAME certainly gives fans–or Nois Makers–a taste of that.

Let us know how you played along!

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