KWILLEO Releases First Single “TRUST” From Upcoming Album “EARTHSIDE”

KWILLEO Releases First Single “TRUST” From Upcoming Album “EARTHSIDE”

Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Troy-based singer songwriter Om Kwilleo (she/they) has released “TRUST”, the first single off of their anticipated new album EARTHSIDE. The project has been years in the process for the artist, who has been playing out in the local area for over a decade. For Kwilleo, this is a rebirth. They have taken six years off from releasing new music, taking the time to explore healing as an individual as well as an artist.

With EARTHSIDE, Kwilleo aims to use their music for healing and help listeners “make space for inhabiting our own unknowns.”

“TRUST” (recorded, produced and mixed by Troy Pohl) was released with a striking video, filmed and produced by Kiki Vassilakis. The viewer follows Kwilleo as they navigate that complicated feeling of trust–in ourselves first, before we take on the world–in order to heal. We watch as Kwilleo, in tense and jerking motions, is released from a place of self-confinement to come out free and open on the other side. One of the most unique aspects of Kwilleo as an artist is the intensity of their eye contact–eyes that say everything in moments of silence–and in this video, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. “TRUST” is moving and tense and the eventual release feels so good.

“Driving, that excavating feeling
It’s all part of the healing
So I tell them
Reaching, now I could never blame you
Ever since you came
I have been certain

There’s nothing that we gotta do
Except let it happen to us
Nothing that we’ve left to lose
In learning how to trust”

The track and video will only be available on Bandcamp and YouTube for the first few weeks following Tuesday’s release to maintain the artist’s autonomy in the music industry.

“It’s important to me that y’all know about the hits we, as musicians, take when it comes to streaming platforms. Making less than a cent a stream is…not it. It’s inhumane on a basic level. Yes-the single will end up on Spotify, but first in the places where I can receive true exchange for my art,” Kwilleo said on Instagram this week.

The artist has also posted a series of statements about “TRUST” on Instagram (@kwilleo) and it’s well worth the read. It’s an elegant series on the backstory of the artist, song, video and upcoming album.

Check out “TRUST” here and be sure to keep an eye and ear out for EARTHSIDE:

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