HANZOLO Brings Life Back To Lark Street in Albany, NY

HANZOLO Brings Life Back To Lark Street in Albany, NY

Photos: Frankie Cavone

Upstate, NY based HANZOLO made their way to Lark Hall in Albany, NY for a Saturday performance bringing quite the party along the way. With a much anticipated show weeks ahead of their performance, the band kept the energy in high gear the whole night. The piece band comprised of Carl Loewenguth (guitar/vocals), Nick Summers (keyboard), Jack Loewenguth (bass), Sebastian Green (Drums), Nate Olmstead (Drums), James Matson (Trombone) and Joey Katz ( keyboard/saxophone) made a big statement at Lark Hall. Not only are they are a rising act, they are band that gets their fans off their feet and grooving from start to finish. It will be great to follow these guys and see where their talent takes them.

The band is also very familiar with the Capital Region area playing festivals such as PearlPalooza and even winning WEQX’s Battle of the Bands. This group is on an upslope spanning across multiple genres, providing something for everyone. HANZOLO also presents a fun stage presence that makes them unique in their own way.

If their was a sentence to sum up Saturday night’s concert, it would be that Lark Hall is one of the premiere places to see live music in Albany, NY. The venue is the exact thing that Lark Street has been missing all these years and it is only the beginning. With bars and high-quality restaurants being what drove people to Lark Street in recent times, there will now be an influx of people coming to enjoy live music in a proper setting. It will be great to see the economical impact that Lark Hall provides to Albany’s uptown district. Check out photos from HANZOLO’s performance below.


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