Joshua West Releases Hit New Single, “Feel That Pulse”

Joshua West Releases Hit New Single, “Feel That Pulse”

Writer: Shane Netski Sobriquet

On Earth Day, Joshua West released his hot new single, “Feel That Pulse” on Spotify. This is the first track from West’s upcoming album release. Collaborating with several friends including Mihali of Twiddle and supported by fans, “Feel That Pulse” is an exciting look at the rest of West’s anticipated album.

The song is motivated by the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Florida in 2016. A call to “drop all your hatred and greed,” and “focus on the love” is the central message in this plea to love and care for each other. Joshua attributes the inspiration for releasing this single on Earth Day to celebrating his friend Mitch’s life in a dedication message on Facebook. Reflecting on the positive impression Mitch left on his life, Joshua demonstrates his determination to fulfill his childhood promises.

“Feel That Pulse” has a very strong reggae influence along with most of the other songs on this anticipated album. Joshua’s vocal style emulates reggae greats while adapting to his own soulful sound. The addition of three horns on this track warm the listener’s heart. Mihali brings the song to a beautiful climax as he runs up the neck of his guitar reaching for that beautiful high note the listener longs for. Joshua’s fiery vocals lead the listener inward, cultivating passion. Truly a moving song for many with such a wonderful message. A handful of other musicians were featured on this track also include Scott Hannay, Billy Comstock, Matt Dolliver, Deborah Kraft and Connor Young.

Joshua is a skillfully talented multi-instrumentalist, playing in the past with acts including, Annie In The Water and Lucid. His songwriting skills over the past year have really taken flight. This is Joshua’s first headlining album, nailing in his place as a creative and inspirational songwriter. Lyrically, Joshua’s album is powerful and moving, a reflection of his deeply passionate soul. This track shows us exactly how ready Joshua is to take the lead in his new musical journey.

Playing live performances throughout venues in Vermont, Joshua tirelessly spreads his message. Several of his tracks, including “Feel That Pulse,” share such an attractive message and style that Joshua has quickly built a following. Many locals are frequent faces at his performances. With close ties in New York, it seems likely that Joshua will make his way across Lake Champlain to perform shows for a broader audience in the future.  Listen to “Feel That Pulse” below.

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