lespecial Announces Release Date for ‘Ancient Homies’ Album

lespecial Announces Release Date for ‘Ancient Homies’ Album

(Writer: Kyle Frisbie)

After three long years of anticipation the three man powerhouse that is lespecial has announced the release of their upcoming album ‘Ancient Homies’ which is set to be dropped on Friday, December 4 by Ropeadope Recordings. The project consists of 11 time bending, reality shattering tracks.

‘Ancient Homies’ is the third full length album by lespecial. The number “3” played a role in its inception and acts as a numerical theme throughout the album. We are a power trio by definition- and the fact that this is our third album carried symbolic weight to us.

Bassist Luke Bemand stated:

In the end, we want this album to take listeners on a journey. Wherever and whenever the destination is could be differ for everyone. Escape reality, embrace a sense of other-worldliness and discover a new plane, maybe one that’s always been there, with “Ancient Homies” as your guide.

‘Ancient Homies’ pre-orders are set for November 6th. To say up to date on any and all information related to the new LP and upcoming show dates check out Lespecial’s webpage.

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