Senators Propose Act to Provide Financial Relief For Independent Venues

Senators Propose Act to Provide Financial Relief For Independent Venues

A couple of United States senators have proposed a new act to help with the financial burdens that independent venues are facing due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since the impact of the pandemic, music venues have been closed all across the United States taking huge hits and making it nearly impossible for business owners to stay afloat and not to also mention, put a lot of people out of work.

Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota(D) and John Cornyn of Texas(R) proposed a $10 billion grant from the Small Business Administration to help independent venues keep up with their bills and make sure that their employees are getting paid. Alongside this act, venues have been taking their own action by creating the National Association of Independent Venues to also seek funds.

Annie in the Water - The Barrelhouse - Saratoga Springs, NY 4-30-2020 (14 of 14)(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

If the act that the senators proposed passes, venues could have funding for a sixth month period. Since the impact of COVID-19, the music industry has also been adjusting and innovating to keep music coming to the fans. Trends such as live music streaming and Drive-In concerts are happening in all levels of the industry. On a positive note, these live-streams have bene giving artists an outlet and opportunity to perform and talk to fans in intimate settings. Stay tuned for more information on the proposed act.


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