QUARANTINED: Little Baby Crepes

QUARANTINED: Little Baby Crepes

For this Quarantined interview, we wanted to switch things up and get the fans perspective on everything going on and there is no bigger fan out there than the infamous Little Baby Crepes. Crepes spent the whole last year hitting festivals and shows all across the northeast with his partner in crime Val Walis of Orion Jewelry Design. Read all about Little Baby Crepes below!

So Crepes, How are things going since the impact of the COVID-19 Virus?

Quarantine is hard, I miss my friends and I miss going to see music all the time. Mom takes me out to party in the living room sometimes for couch tour, but I can’t really crawl up onto the stage or give hugs or make new friends….but at least I can get drunk and dance to my favorite bands!

Your partner in crime Val Walis of Orion Jewelry Design has taken you to quite the amount of concerts, what are some of your favorite concert moments?

Ooooo tough!!! Getting to sing Rage Against the Machine with Uncle Andy (Frasco) at The Summit. Aqueous singing a song about me in Saratoga..love them so much!!!! Also getting to sit in with so many of my favorites.. Magic Beans, Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers, Annie in the Water, Lespecial, Eastbound Jesus, Bella’s Bartok, Wild Adriatic

What was the first concert you attended?

I was born at Mazzstock very late in the night, after the music had ended. I met my family for the first time there, but my first festival was ADK. I was so little and it was all a blur, but I know that’s where I was gifted my very first onesie from Uncle Zack (Fixation Fabric Arts) and I made so many friends there. I got to ride on a beautiful goose during Pigeons set that Sunday night, if anyone has any information on this goose plz let me know!!!!

Have you met any cool musicians along the way?

SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is me and Uncle Peter(Goose)…luv him soooo much


What things have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

U know….sleeping a lot. Waking up to rage with mom for couch tour. Trying to stay busy and learn new things, always practicing my yoga and gymnastics..taking up Tai Chi and trying to learn Portugese. Drinking excessively sometimes, oopy sorry mom!!!!!!

Tell us a little about Orion Jewelry Design?

As the PR manager and project director for Orion Jewelry Design, I gotta tell you, my mom makes really cool stuff. Normally a big part of her jewelry business is taking me to festivals all the time, and now I just watch her blast music and work in the studio all the time. She has been doing all these crazy new things that she hasn’t done before and she is freaking out. I don’t know if she’s ever going to stop!!!!

Do you have any advice for people struggling during these hard times?

Yes, take naps. Lots of naps. It’s okay to get drunk by yourself sometimes on quarantine. There’s no rules in quarantine. Call your friends.. Like a lot. If you’re thinking about someone and wondering how they’re doing, call them. We need each other right now.

What was coming up for you in the coming months prior to the impact of COVID-19?

SO MUCH. March and April were LOADED with shows..I may or may not have stolen mom’s credit card to buy concert tickets a couple times when she wasn’t paying attention. We had almost a week straight of shows lined up for the end of April, all across the state of NY, some days double booked working photography gigs during the day too. This would have been our training week for festival season. Wake up. Drive far. Rage. Dance. Back in the car. Drive far. Rinse and repeat and repeat and rage and wake up and work and rage and drive really far…… U get it

Now festival season is all up in the air and I don’t know what to expect. We have something VERY SPECIAL planned for Peach fest, but I can’t tell you what it is until we know more about Peach.

joe hertler1.jpg

What things do you miss the most with having to social distance?

I miss going to see music with all my friends, and all the amazing friends I haven’t met yet. It makes me heart hurt but we are all going to lose our damn minds the next time we all get together. I can’t wait.

What music has been getting you through these stressful times?

OOOOOOO let’s go! Music is the thing getting me and mom through all of this, so THANK YOU to everyone putting out music for us to enjoy. Specific artists I can’t get enough of, definitely Goose (duh) Aqueous, Magic Beans, Dizgo, YAM YAM, Circles Around the Sun, Billy Strings, Sunsquabi, The Black Seeds….many more

When going out and about, what precautions are you taking with social distancing?

Going out???? Crepes is not going out!!! Too dangerous out there for lil baby. I am staying home and safe, sometimes mom will take me on little hikes, but I think she gets tired of me complaining about walking so much and all for what? We get there and there is NO LIVE MUSIC!!!!!! I don’t get it. I will walk, to the stage, and to the booth, and back…but jeez I’d rather just sleep till the next show.


Whats next for Little Baby Crepes?

Hmm naps. Many naps. Watching mom make jewelry, raging for couch tour. That’s all I can see for now. Some of the lovely Aqueous fans just made a music video last week that I got to be a part of…that was very very fun. If anyone wants to do more silly things like that….holla at your favorite sloth!!!!!


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