Live Streaming Platforms Replace Shows During Recommended Social Distancing

Live Streaming Platforms Replace Shows During Recommended Social Distancing

Following the rapid spread of the novel COVID-19 Virus, several bands have had to make the tough decision to cancel shows, withdraw from festivals, and postpone tours.
However, in the age of the internet, the dexterity of the independent music scene is being put to the test. Musicians often get a reputation for being headstrong and stubborn, these are traits that people in the scene consider assets.

The world of independent and underground music is full of obstacles, during the spread of this pandemic, triumph will be awarded to those who utilize their assets and, think outside of the box.

Several bands have found fulfillment by hosting live streaming parties via social network sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

In recent years, an online social platform Twitch, which was originally devoted to online gamers, has gained popularity among independent artists. The platform allows for its users to host live steams where people can showcase their talents. In other words,

Twitch has become a community of where people go to find users streaming things that catch their interests.


Twitch has been an online social platform that many musicians have been joining following the recommended social distancing by the CDC. Artists have been relying on the communal streaming aspect of twitch in place of touring and traveling to play shows.

Artists rely on touring and playing live shows not only for the income but, also for the gratification of sharing their art, their message with an audience. During this unfamiliar period of recommended social distancing, online streaming platforms such as Twitch may be the next best thing for artist still wanting to share experiences with their audience.

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