RECAP: A Birthday With Let’s Be Leonard

RECAP: A Birthday With Let’s Be Leonard

In the world of live music, it was easy to gather a general consensus that the local crowd is extremely fond of Let’s Be Leonard. On Friday, March 6th, it all went down at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, New York. The show was a birthday celebration of the band’s saxophone player, Connor Dunn. The idea was charming that a person would play music for other people to enjoy, on a day of their own celebration.

With all of social media expressing the recent urge to wash your hands, a truly clever skit was played out with a little help from the audience. There is a common technique suggested by health professionals to wash your hands while singing the song “Happy Birthday”, twice. As everyone pretended to wash their hands and sang Connor “Happy Birthday”, it was hard not to appreciate the creativity. A major component of the performance was how it seemed the Leonard boys were not only trying to make the audience laugh, but also each other. This left you feeling
warm on the inside, and smiling on the outside.

During intermission, a heartwarming slideshow of the birthday boy played and a cake with the works was brought out to top off the celebration. The cake read “Happy Birthday Blon” as an inside joke the band shared. Mirth Films would like to wish Connor a very happy birthday, and give a thank you to Let’s Be Leonard for a wonderful evening.

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