Vintertodt To Release “I-V” On Black Spark Records

Vintertodt To Release “I-V” On Black Spark Records

Upstate New York-based symphonic black metal group Vintertodt is part of Black Spark Records debut roster and will be releasing their album I-V on Halloween (October 31) 2019. The band features members of Diplegia, another black metal band from Upstate New York.

I-V is an album that combines two of Vintertodt’s earlier releases into one, with “III” available to preview now on their Bandcamp. “III” is unbelievably heavy — it sounds like what being lost in a dark and haunted forest must feel like. The musical prowess of all three members is remarkable, with rapid-fire drums, dark-as-hell guitars and piercing howls.

This is the trio’s first release since January, and their first release on a label. I-V is available to preorder now on their Bandcamp or on Black Spark Records’ Bandcamp. Check out Black Spark Records and Vintertodt on social media, and prepare yourselves for a very heavy Halloween.

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