PREVIEW: Saratoga Comic-Con Fall 2019

PREVIEW: Saratoga Comic-Con Fall 2019

Its that time of the year again for the Saratoga Comic-Con at the Saratoga Springs City Center from October 26-27th! This is the 5th year the Comic-Con which is also its 10th biannual event. Due to the success of the occasion, more and more people show up each year and even the icons in the comic book scene get better and better. The event runs from 10am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

If decide to get VIP tickets to this falls comic-con, there is early access which allows you to skip the line and get in a half hour early! There will be the same great vendors and food that the Saratoga Comic-Con brings each year.  This year’s Cosplay groups will feature The Montreal X-MEN, Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc and The Resident Evil Umbrella Corp. Springfield Hive Group. On the show floor you will find cosplay contests, panels, live podcasts Super Smash Bros Tournaments and much more.

This years celebrities include:

Michael Biehn actor from Terminator as Kyle Reese, Aliens, Tombstone, The Abyss, Planet Terror; Michelle Harrison actor from The Flash as Nora Allen 2014-2019; WWE Hall Of Famer Rocky Johnson former WWE/WWF wrestler; Karyn Parsons actor from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (146 episodes) as Hillary Banks, Major Payne, Mixing Nia, The Ladies Man; Vernon Wells actor from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior as Wez, Commando, Weird Sience, Power Rangers Time Force; Bob Carter voice actor from Dragon Ball Z, Samuri 7, Full Metal Alchemist, Street Fighter 4 & 5; Jason Faunt actor from Power Rangers: Time Force – Megaforce – & Ninja Steel, Resident Evil 6 Mo-cap as Leon S. Kennady; Blake Foster actor from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, TV series: Power Rangers Turbo (45 episodes), Two of a Kind; Jennifer Blanc-Biehn actor from Dark Angel, The Victim, The Divide, Party of Five.

Saratoga Comic Con 2018 (2 of 27).jpg(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

Ticketing information:

Online Speed Pass Tickets: Kids 7-15 $12 (either day); Adults 16+ Saturday $25 and Sunday $20, Weekend $40. VIP’s $75 and $95. Family/Friend Ticket discount packs, Military/Student/Senior discount tickets can only be purchased online as well (prices vary).

Tickets at Door: at the door on the days of the event will be Kids 7-15 $12 either day; Adults 16+ $25 Saturday, $20 Sunday, and $40 weekend passes. No online specials can be purchased at the door.

*All children 6 and under are free.

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