Incubus’ Make Yourself Stands The Test of Time in Albany, NY

Incubus’ Make Yourself Stands The Test of Time in Albany, NY

It’s been two decades since the release of Incubus’ third album, Make Yourself. The California based rock-group — made up of Brandon Boyd (vocals), Mike Einziger (lead guitar, keyboards), Jose Pasillas II (drums), Chris Kilmore (turntables, keyboards, synths, etc) and Ben Kenney (bass) — has recently embarked on a massive tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this album — a tour that is performed with the same intensity and sound of the band that wrote the album in 1998.

Incubus stopped in Albany, New York at the Palace Theatre on October 4th for their “20 Years of Make Yourself and Beyond” Tour. The quintet played to a large crowd who cheered the moment the house lights went down and the 10 minute pre-concert documentary started. The documentary portion covered the making of the album and the band reflecting on it as the years have passed. It gave insight into  The band began their set with the high-energy opener of Make Yourself that is “Privilege”.

Make Yourself has some of Incubus’ biggest hits on it, including “Stellar” and “Drive”. These were played with the same quality that the band would have performed them with two decades prior, not missing a beat. Boyd engaged the crowd in singalongs, which erupted throughout the theatre. They played a slow tempo rendition of “Pardon Me”, a song about existing differently from the crowd. The somber version of this track brought a new meaning and feeling to the song. 

Incubus played through the entirety of the album, as well as other tracks (the “Beyond” part of “20 Years of Make Yourself and Beyond”). The performance was a testament to the staying power of this band, and the impact this album about growing, transforming and becoming your own person has left on audiences of all ages.

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