Jaden Carlson Band Is Fun, Funky On “Keep It Movin’”

Jaden Carlson Band Is Fun, Funky On “Keep It Movin’”

The Jaden Carlson Band is a power quartet hailing from Boulder, Colorado with influences from all over the country. The band is comprised of Jaden Carlson (guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, and producer), Chris Beck (keyboardist), Eric Imbrosciano (drummer) and bassist (Fred Reisen), which make up a funktronica powerhouse that is a force to be reckoned with. Band leader Carlson is just 17 and was the youngest musician to play on the Red Rocks Stage at age 11. 

Their 2018 album, Keep It Movin’, showcases their combined musical prowess with groovy, danceable tracks that are reminiscent of Marco Benevento and LETTUCE (Adam Deitch of LETTUCE actually plays on the track “Outer Lands”). The synths are catchy and upbeat, and Carlson’s voice is soothing and calming. “Far Horizon” is reminiscent of artists like Matt & Kim, LCD Soundsystem, and Tobacco, respectively — a hard combination to beat and even harder to emulate, but JCB does both effortlessly. Closing track “First Chair” is super fun and the perfect high-energy end to this album. 

Together, JCB’s talent and backgrounds in funk, electronic, jam, jazz and more make for both a calming listen and an 8 track album you can dance to. The versatility and talent of The Jaden Carlson Band is wildly interesting yet cohesive — a great phrase to sum up this album, and the band as a whole.

Learn more about The Jaden Carlson Band and listen to Keep It Movin’ and their other music on their Soundcloud. 

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