Yeah Universe drops first single, “Wasteland”

Yeah Universe drops first single, “Wasteland”

The Upstate New York indie rock quintet Yeah Universe are releasing their first single, the dreamy and mellow “Wasteland”. The soundscape presented by Yeah Universe in their debut single is full, warm and inviting with mysterious undertones that make you want to know more and hear more.

Yeah Universe’s Mike Vincent (singer/guitarist), Mary Nardo (singer/guitarist), Sam Gleason (singer/keys/synth), Zach Sorel (bass guitarist) and Nick Palazeke (drummer) recently played their first show at The Hollow, and are following up this debut performance with the release of this single. It features Joel Yannuzzi of Victory Soul Orchestra.

“Wasteland”’s a song with a theme that can resonate with any listener — the feeling of being stuck. “[It’s] about being unhappy with yourself and your environment but choosing to stay in that situation anyway, regardless of what others do to try and help you”, says the band. “It’s a song about how hard it is to break destructive patterns in your own life, and ultimately deciding to embrace them, no matter the cost.”

The dark thematic undertones of the track are juxtaposed by the incredibly soothing sound, which brings the overall feel of “Wasteland” to be almost Lynchian in nature. It’s a great soundtrack to thinking about life and whether you’re where you need to be.

The single will be available tomorrow, September 2nd, on Yeah Universe’s Bandcamp. Stay up to date with them via their Facebook and Instagram to see when their next show is. The band is currently in the process of writing their first EP.

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