‘Between Me and My Mind’ – A Trey Anastasio Story

‘Between Me and My Mind’ – A Trey Anastasio Story

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

“Between Me and My Mind.” A night with no glow sticks, no grilled cheeses or “Wilson” chants. Just an in depth look into everyone’s favorite red head with shimmers of “Ghosts of the Forest” to carry this emotional journey. Filmmakers Steve Cantor and Jamie Shutz followed around beloved Phish frontman Trey Anastasio for a couple years to capture him in moments of happiness, grief and reflection.

Phish fans gathered nationwide to watch Between Me and My Mind with much anticipation to view this well-crafted documentary. The title’s inspiration from Phish’s song “Light” and was originally premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival at the Beacon Theatre in New York, NY. This film captures Anastasio’s every day routine and features his family members, fellow band members and one of his oldest friends Chris Cottrell who passed away from Stage four cancer.


What “Between Me and My Mind” does great is it shows two parts of his life. One side being Anastasio’s preparations for Phish’s “Soul Planet” New years eve gag at Madison Square Garden, Bakers Dozen and recording his new record Ghosts of the Forest, the album inspired by Chris’ death. The other side being deep conversations with Trey’s mother, father, wife, children and band members as well as Cottrell. The conversations were touching and relatable. It showed everything from a father to son conversation, a deep bond with your wife and joking around with your best friends. Anastasio hit a few life changing bumps in the road that at the end of the day made him what looks like to be a much happier and joyful human being.

Without revealing too much, it was amazing to see Anastasio play an encore with his solo group Trey Anastasio Band which had the camera following him off stage onto his tour bus to then seeing him relax after pouring his heart out to his fans just moments later. Touring on the road is a rigorous life for musicians and its great to see how easy it is for him to wind down by strumming his beloved guitar which driving away from the venue.

Trey Anastasio Trio a7iii 7-6-2018 (38 of 45).jpg(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

In moments of happiness, the documentary featured “big red” joking with drummer Jon Fishman and having fun with studio recording equipment while recording “Stray Dog” for the Kasvot Växt gag in Las Vegas on Halloween 2018. Just seeing him giggle in joy during the process of Ghosts of the Forest couldn’t help to put a smile on your face after him getting a part down that he loved. In moments of grief, you get to see him having sentimental conversations with his daughters asking them questions about growing up and experiences as a child. Anastasio would also ask them their opinion on his parenting and family memories of being on the road with the band. It was saddening to see his oldest friend go through the pain of being sick which clips of him on his death bed with Anastasio playing his guitar right next to him. “Between Me and My Mind” shows how much Trey cares about his friends and family and how they have shaped his life today. In moments of reflection, Anastasio visits old places that have had much meaning and impact on his journey.

Filmmakers Steve Cantor and Jamie Shutz created a film that “phans” will watch over and over and what we at Mirth Films consider is a great piece of music history. We hope this gets released soon for everyone who didn’t get to see it in theaters. Phish fan or not “Between Me and My Mind” is a documentary for everyone.




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