Phish Brings Bustouts and Extensive Jams to SPAC on Night 1

Phish Brings Bustouts and Extensive Jams to SPAC on Night 1

(Writer: Frankie Cavone)

Phish made their grand return to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center Saratoga Springs, NY for one of two nights in the venue that they consider home away from home. After an epic three night run just days before Camden, NJ, the Vermont quartet were ready to bring the heat to SPAC.

Phish - SPAC - Night 1 2019 (28 of 62).jpg(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

Getting the night started off Phish debuted a fun cover of  “Cathy’s Clown” originally performed by the Everly Brothers. One song that was left hanging from night 3 in Camden, NJ was the “Tweezer Reprise” which many thought the band would kick off the night with but was followed up right after “Cathy’s Clown.” With the show already off with a bang, Phish continued to keep the high energy up with “Carini.” Next up, Phish selected “AC/DC Bag” which gave light to the always funky “Moma Dance.” The band had a little bit of trouble getting the song started once it kicked in, Saratoga Springs, NY became a dance party.

Up to bat next was “Theme From the Bottom” continued with a Mike Gordon led “Meat” with bass bombs and grooves. Then it was time for “Home” off Phish’s Big Boat album sang by Paige McConnell. The band selected “Bathtub Gin” with Trey Anastasio receiving a big smile after the crowd interaction letting Big Red that they indeed do all love to take baths. Ending the set, Phish chose to fill the amphitheater with the sounds of “Walls of the Cave.”

Phish - SPAC - Night 1 2019 (42 of 62).jpg(Photo: Frankie Cavone)

After a normal length set break, “Cool Amber and Mercury” from the Kasvot Växt album only being played for the second time this summer tour. What were to follow was the heaviest jamming of the night in nothing other than “Down with Disease” and a “Scents and Subtle Sounds” with the original intro which the band does not normally play. After a short “Twist,” a rocking “Wilson” along with “Scent of a Mule,” the crowd at SPAC proved that they still knew how to have fun. One of the two big bust outs of the night came when the band decided to play “Fuck Your Face.” The last time this was played was 45 shows ago in Alpharetta, GA back in 2018. Once it was realized that everyone had same mutual love for meatballs in “Halley’s Comet,” it was time to feel good about hood with a “Harry Hood” set ender.

Phish came back to the stage with a three song encore. Anastasio shook the dust off the megaphone for “Fee,” the other major bust-out from the night. Big red had some trouble remembering the lyrics of the song but with the help of the fans, the Vermont quartet made it through. “A Life Beyond the Dream” from Ghosts of the Forest was next with the night then ending with “First Tube.” It was apparent that Trey Anastasio was having tons of fun after running taking laps around the stage while soloing throughout the whole process. After this heater of a show, Phish’s two night run in Saratoga Springs, NY continues tonight. Check out our photo gallery and setlist below:


Set 1: Cathy’s Clown, Tweezer Reprise > Carini > AC/DC Bag > The Moma Dance > Theme From the Bottom, Meat, Home > Bathtub Gin > Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Cool Amber and Mercury > Down with Disease > Scents and Subtle Sounds > Twist > Wilson > Scent of a Mule, Fuck Your Face > Halley’s Comet > Harry Hood

Encore: Fee, A Life Beyond The Dream, First Tube






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