Album Review: Of Clocks and Clouds Live at the Brooklyn Bowl

Album Review: Of Clocks and Clouds Live at the Brooklyn Bowl

(Writer: Tammie Birdwell)

In early February 2019, the Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock band Of Clocks and Clouds opened for Kung Fu at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York. Recently, the band debuted an eight-track live recording of their set, Live At Brooklyn Bowl , and we here at Mirth Films had the chance to give it a listen.

IMG_4281.jpg(Photo: Amanda Sandwicch)

As the set opened up on track one, the melodic guitar riffs and instant layers of sound made me do a double-take right away. Within just a few bars, it was immediately apparent that these boys know their way around their instruments, and then some. Then, front-man Joe Salgo started to sing. His buttery, smooth, soulful voice made me feel a little melty inside and certainly left me wanting more. And together, the boys jammed out the ending of track one as expertly as the big boys do with a layered, multifaceted jam that kept my interest peaked throughout — and I was only listening to a recording.

Just as I think I have the band’s sound nailed down, though, they threw me for a loop. As expertly as they pulled off the jam sound in the first couple of tracks, Of Clocks and Clouds kicked off track three, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica, and nailed the hard rock genre as well.

IMG_4185.jpg(Photo: Amanda Sandwicch)

When the band transitioned towards the end of the Metallica song into “Django” with a jam that flowed perfectly out of the heavy Metallica cover.  The segues are so seamless; I realized we have a truly talented group of musicians on our hands.

Then, as if I wasn’t already entirely sold on this band and chomping at the bit to see them live, they had a guest vocalist. Brittany Beckett joined the band on stage for a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Bullet in my Head”. Not only was her rap game on point, but she also has a hard rocking voice that switched across genres as easily and expertly as the band itself did. I don’t know if the boys plan to have her back, but I certainly hope so.

IMG_4231.jpg(Photo: Amanda Sandwicch)

One thing is certain about this live recording, there’s no way that you can listen to it without instantly wanting to see Of Clocks And Clouds perform live. Catch Joe Salgo (frontman-lead singer/rhythm guitar), Nick Salgo (Drums/vocals), Tom Salgo (lead guitar/vocals) and Yuri Soussov (Bass) and Zander Ryzinski- keys/synth) this week at Disc Jam Music Festival or one of their other upcoming tour dates.  The Live At Brooklyn Bowl release is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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